Brothers of the Borderland

Filming began July 21, 2003 in Ripley, as the production crew of ZoMotion arrives at the Rankin House. This film will be shown on an ongoing basis at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati.

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Early afternoon, equipment arrives A "new" chicken coop overlooks the Ohio Cameras ready
A new fence for the set, and the water pump The crew from California was fascinated with the tobacco barn ... and lightning bugs One of the horses arrives
Petting time Benita and Danielle Danielle (hair stylist) at work
Giselle, actress Two Rankin sons The actor playing Rev. John Rankin
On the way to the set Jack Shelton, Ripley Life Squad, and Roger Lofton, Ripley Shooting begins
Overlooking the river Attention to detail with the props Lighting set up overlooking the Ohio
The chicken coop Betty Campbell and "Mrs. Rankin" The set included a fence
Overlooking the Ohio River Wagon Therese Anne, ZoMotion, at work
In the tobacco barn The camera moves along the track shown