Enjoy dining or drinks with a river view!
Cohearts Riverview Restaurant
Front Street near Main
Meals and sandwiches
Open Thursday-Sunday for lunch and dinner
Rockin' Robins Soda Shoppe
Front Street near Main
Sandwiches and soda fountain treats
Open daily for lunch and dinner (closed Monday in winter)
Snappers Bar
Front Street at Main  Open daily
Many bike rallies make this their turn around spot.
Sunset Bar
US 52 just as you leave Ripley (toward Cincinnati)

Ripley Boat Club
East end of Front Street
Open to the public (seasonal)
Sit on the dock and enjoy sandwiches and drinks while waiting for an amazing sunset.
Brookies Bar
On Main Street almost on the river.
US 52 near Main
Open for breakfast and lunch
JCs Pizza
US 52 about 1/2 mile from center of town
US 52
US 52
Ripley Dairy Yum Yum
Us 52
A hometown favorite from amazing omelets, breakfast, lunch or dinner specials.

Meranda-Nixon Winery is just north of Ripley on US 68.  Visit their website. It is a delightful place to visit.

Contact us at (855) 651-9188 in Ripley and Cincinnati, OH and experience our vineyard tours and winery tours and build a lifetime of memories with us.

  • Contact us at (855) 651-9188 in Ripley, OH, for fantastic winery tours that will only make …

  • Magnificent Red & White Wine. After one sip of our delicious, red, and white wine, you'll …

  • The Meranda-Nixon Winery opened in 2007. It is located in an area of the Ohio Valley that …

  • Contact us at (855) 651-9188 in Ripley, OH and experience our vineyard tours and …

  • Welcome to the Meranda-Nixon Winery where to purchase page. Heidelberg Distributing is …

  • Delicious Wine Tasting: Participate in fun and exciting things happening at Meranda